Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SEAKing biodiesel in Juneau.

Biofuels in Alaska is growing in fits and starts.

In Anchorage we've seen the AKPIRG feasibility study happen and then stall, and the WVO biobuilders group has come and gone. There is a small but growing group SVO/biodiesel enthusiasts linked by the Alaska Biodiesel and SVO Network.

Fairbanks has seen the creation of the Fairbanks Biodiesel Cooperative and some really neat WVO-based boilers in use (more on this later).

In Juneau, the Alaska Biofuels Alliance got things started a few years ago, but SEAKsolutions is the mover and shaker at the moment.

An organizing force behind SEAKsolutions is Anthony Destefano. Destefano, a diesel mechanic and biofuels professional is a veteran of the biodiesel-powered around-the-world EarthRace and a SVO-installer with Independent Biofuels.

They had a great write-up in the Juneau Empire, and are currently holding meetings in Juneau to create a biodiesel cooperative, and foster the Southeast Alaska biofuels scene.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

2002 VW Jetta TDI PlantDrive SVO Conversion

We've got a fair backlog of conversion photos that we're slowly organizing. Check out the latest Alaska winterized SVO conversion of a 2002 VW Jetta at

Here's a snippet for all you grease monkeys out there:

2002 TDIThe HOH lines come up from under the vehicle, pass next to the timing belt cover, and end at the 16-plate heat exchanger.

Vegoil exits the flat plate heat exchanger and enters the 3-port supply valve.

The diesel line is rerouted from the stock filter to the supply valve.

Fuel flows from the supply valve through the 12v VegTherm heater, past the fuel temperature sensor and into the injection pump.

The fuel return lines head through the sight glass to the 3-port return valve, where the vegoil side is looped and the diesel side returns to the stock diesel return line.

Can't get enough of technical vegoil conversions? We'll have more coming soon!

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